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Welcome to the Department of Physics Wiki @ Florida State University

This web site is for use by members of the Physics Department. To view any of the pages you will need to login. Faculty, staff and graduate students are assigned usernames based on your first name and last name as listed on the physics web site. (Click here for graduate students.) So if your name is John Doe, then your username is JohnDoe, i.e., capitalize the first letter of each name and remove any spaces. Note that the username is case-sensitive.

Your initial password will be sent to your email address listed on the physics web site when you provide your username on the wiki login page. Make sure to click on the E-mail password button.

We hope that you will find this site useful and do feel free to contribute to any article. Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.



PHY5645 Quantum Mechanics A - Fall 2008/2009 PHZ4316/5315: Nuclear Astrophysics- Spring 2009
PHY5646 Quantum Mechanics B - Spring 2009/2010 AST4210_5211: Introduction to Astrophysics - Fall 2009
PHZ3400: Phenomena in Condensed Matter - Spring 2011 AST4218/5315: Astrophysical Seminar - Spring 2010
PHY5670 Quantum Many Body Theory - Fall 2010/2011/2012 Planetariums Project and Lab Book - Fall 2009
PHZ4316/5315: Nuclear Astrophysics - Spring 2011 AST10022L Introductory Astronomy Lab Manual
PHY6937: Superconductivity and superfluidity - Spring 2011 PHY4936/AST5245: Radiative Processes and Transport in Astrophysics

Magnet Lab Summer School

Magnet Lab Summer School: Lecture Notes

History of the Physics Department

Before 1947 From the Beginning
1947 to early 1960 Formative Years
1960s to mid-1980 Going Along
1980 to present Another Growth Spurt

Using MediaWiki

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