AST4218/5315: Astrophysical Seminar - Fall 2009

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Class Information

  • Seminar: T 5:00-6:00pm; Keen 319
  • Advisors: Chris Gerardy, 608 Keen,; Peter Hoeflich, 614 Keen,; Tomasz Plewa, 484 DSL,
  • Office hours: Tuesday 1-2pm. You are welcome to contact me whenever you have questions.

General Description

This seminar is intended to introduce students to current research topics at the forefront of astrophysics and astronomy. Students will learn how to present scientific results, how to defend their research and evaluate findings of other researchers. The seminar will include journal-club like discussions about research papers, and occasional presentations of research from students, postdocs, faculty and guest speakers.

Topic of this term: Stellar Explosions & Cosmology

Weekly Time line

  • Faculty contact will have "seeded" the wiki page with starting point reference material by Tuesday 1 week ahead (at least)
  • On Friday prior to the talk, the presenter posts a couple of key questions on Wiki. Less advanced students should probably try and arrange to meet with that week's faculty contact to get some assistance with this.
  • Till Monday, the participants comment on key issues and add comments and questions
  • On Tuesday and after a 15 minute presentation, the topic is discussed

Seminar Schedule

Date Topic Presenter Faculty Contact
Jan 19 Navigating Astrophysics Literature Chris N/A
Jan 26 Zoo TBD
Feb 2 Stellar Pulsations Near the Main Sequence Brendan TBD
Feb 9 Stellar Pulsations of Evolved Stars Rutger TBD
Feb 16 Theory of Stellar Pulsations Peter TBD
Feb 23 Theory of Stellar Pulsations " TBD
Mar 2 Flare Stars Chris TBD
Mar 9 Spring Break Go Home
Mar 16 O-stars Cheyvonne TBD
Mar 23 WR stars Ben TBD
Mar 30 Be Stars Matthew TBD
Apr 6 Miras Tiara TBD
Apr 13 Magnetic stars Joe TBD
Apr 20 Quiz N/A N/A


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