Planetariums Project and Lab Book - Fall 2009

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Class Information

  • Time and Locations: Fridays, 9am -noon, Rooms: Planetarium & KEEN 613
  • Contact: Peter Hoeflich, 614 Keen Building 644-5567, Tel.: 850-644-5567 (office) or 512-484-5910 (cell)
  • Office hours: You are also welcome to contact me whenever you have questions.


Mentored project for gifted students with the goal to learn about Astronomy & Astrophysics and how to use the Planetarium as tool to demonstrate astrophysical phenomena. In two groups, the students will develop a shows.

Course Web Page and Lab Book


We will learn - about Astronomy & Physics - how a planetarium works - to master planetarium's software - to develop a planetariums show - have fun

Lab Books

Useful Astronomy links

Feedback & Suggestions

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